My Mission

A couple years ago I ran to the internet for help, through video making and documenting my struggles with depression. I sought help from the internet, and before I knew it I gained a following of supporters helping me along the journey. To give back to those who have protected me from hard times I have been selling on a store called Depop. Items such as merchandise bracelets, drawings and clothes. Every item includes a little letter of appreciation. Soon enough those supporters became pen pals and have supported me to start my own web store. SO HERE IT IS!

Throughout the past year or so my sunflower family has consistently asked me where I find my outfits, accessories, and hair styling. Commonly I would respond by explaining that these ideas were all my own creation and would occasionally create instructional videos.

AAAANND Now !!!! As per request of my loyal Sunflowers!!!

  I have decided to launch my own web store of creativity. Where any and all can purchase hand made and crafted creations. I've decided to launch my site for a few reasons.

  1. To share my creativity and ideas with the world
  2. To create a form of income that would allow me to devote myself to YouTube full time!
  3. Lastly and definitely not least. I want to reach more and more people.

  On my new website one can find a variety of cool merch from socks to bracelets and shirts to chokers! So please stay a while and browse my store. 

And as always... Stay lucid my lovelies !!

 - Don't see something you'd like to purchase?? Let me know and i'll do my best to accommodate.

- Received an item? Send me a photo for a chance to be featured on UniversalHoboBag.Com